Our philosophy is simple; you have the right to optimal wellbeing. Whether you are in need physical rehabilitation, disease prevention or performance conditioning, Health Solutions are equipped and ready to make it your reality.


Health Solutions’ utilises a comprehensive and holistic approach to improve your health and wellbeing. Our programs and services are designed to empower and educate our clients through movement, nutrition, cooking, recovery and change psychology to improve their health and function, irrespective of their medical status.


Health Solutions services and programs are delivered through the following divisions:


Health Solutions' chronic disease services are at the forefront of bringing research into practice through a range of evidence-based cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal and metabolic rehabilitation and conditioning programs.


Our team are experts in managing complex conditions and utilise a holistic approach incorporating lifestyle medicine (movement, nutrition, recovery, behaviour and environment) to improve a host of chronic conditions.


This approach is tailored to suit the individual needs each patient and all consultations are designed to educate and empower our clients towards good health, optimal wellbeing and long term behaviour change. 


Health Solutions' best practice approach to injury rehabilitation reduces dysfunction, ongoing disability and pain to restore optimal movement and wellbeing.
We introduce an array of treatment modalities which may include mobility/stretching techniques, massage, hydrotherapy, body weighted movements, corrective exercise, Pilates and strength training, emphasising the most advanced evidence-based therapy available.


Health Solutions specialise in the development and implementation of early intervention strategies for medium to large businesses, specific to their human resource needs.


Early Intervention (EI) incorporates holistic strategies for injury prevention, injury rehabilitation, management of chronic disease and associated risk factors and cultural change regarding employee self-management of health and wellbeing.


Sports specific training is an effective way to improve fundamental areas of athletic performance.
Health Solutions utilises the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) and other evidence based methods to objectively identify mobility, stability and asymmetry issues, the primary barriers to ongoing pain and dysfunction. This information is used to tailor mobility and corrective strategies to restore function, prior to strengthening.


Health Solutions Wellness division provides evidence based lifestyle and complimentary care programs as an extension of the exceptional care provided by a network of medical specialists across multiple genres of health.
Our leading team of allied health and complementary medicine practitioners work with clients to provide a coordinated approach to directly address or improve a specific health or medical condition. Ultimately, this includes specific programs tailored to suit individual needs, introduce treatment and improve education and change psychology to manage chronic conditions, illness and injury.