Health Solutions Upgrading & Conditioning Program consists of 12-16 supervised consultations implemented through clinic, community and workplace settings.


Health Solutions expertise in this area was recognised by the National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA), awarded the prestigious National Award of Excellence. 


Each individual is assessed by our accredited team to determine the barriers preventing return to work, capacity for employment, movement and functional ability. Treatment strategies are developed in consultation with the injured worker, treating doctor and relevant key parties through case conference to facilitate appropriate planning, functional upgrades and optimal functional recovery for the injured worker.


Treatment strategies utilise soft tissue release, corrective exercise, reactive neuromuscular training (RNT), strength and conditioning, evidence based work related activity and cognitive behavioural strategies to facilitate appropriate progression and optimal functional recovery for the injured worker.


Key features of this program include excellent communication, clear reporting, case conferencing, worksite and home visits.

What can you expect from working with Health Solutions?

Personalised treatment and coaching to help you achieve complete health and wellbeing